We will add a list soon – diabetes test strips, daylight protection (just one brand possible), additional drugs (e.g. Contact with Bruno Schillinger? Use phone please. Because he can not read at present by the abuses of the ARGE/social security office itself and we are not on site. He lives alone in a single-room flat – has to lie flat, due to chronic neck and leg pain, avoid daylight because skin disease, no painkillers because kidney damage – we have organized a phone support to check signs of life, but we (SAFOB) aren’t in Germany and so no one can read* letters.

Att. if you send a care parcel or some else, announce by phone please, thank you

Bruno Schillinger (SAFOB)

street: Bachstrasse 1

zip: 79232

village: March

country: Germany

ph. +49 (0)7665 – 930450 – we try found an used  answering machine (installed answering machine is not reliable) please, check time before calling, thank you

mail (sorry, we have less time (own family and work) and can’t answer quickly – first we support Bruno (and writing letters to politicians is hard work) – help as volunteer? subject VOLUNTEER and if you need own support/have same problems – subject: NEED SUPPORT/IN TROUBLE

* Certainly we have asked for a reading machine for disabled – a supporter – at court: Appointment of an attorney – and simply medical treatment that he could read in 6 month again – IGNORED! The only answer was trying incapacitation that the person, ordered and payed by official, could stop all investigation and can sign that Bruno disappearing. With incapacitation, Bruno has no rights – this is same method like in Germany until 1945 and 1989 (GDR) and dictatorships and terrorist governments.

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