Listen World! Disabled cry for life!



to every human stands up for humanity!

* NO diabetic controll * NO radiation therapy * NO DAYlight protection * NO access to justice * NO counselling (not even reading loud machine) * NOT enough food, medicine * NO HUMAN RIGHTS * NO UN CRPD (Convention Rights People with Disabilities) * NO medical treatment * fear of blindness * etc. * by government and public authorities

At the moment huge pain, hearth diabetic problems and loosing teeth due malnutrition


Att. we offered often conference, were ignored – an ALL is documented on web INCLUDING names and WITHOUT any protest (each lawyer/reporter knew what this mean, would any ‘;’ wrong, they had send there troops)

Here [expired donation page] you can find a list of medical information


Human Rights Arial http frameSupporters And Friends Of Bruno Schillinger (SAFOB)

and Bruno Schillinger

Bachstreet 1 – OT Holzhausen


ph. 0049 – (0)7665 – 930 450 best way for communication (English) (German) (donation page EXPIRED – but focused information, health etc.)

Aug. 1st 2013

Contact with Bruno Schillinger? Use phone please. Because he can not read at present by the abuses of the

jobcentre/social welfare office itself and we are not on site. He lives alone in a single-room flat – has to lie flat, due to

chronic neck and leg pain, avoid daylight because skin disease, no painkillers because kidney damage – we have

 organized a phone support to check signs of life, but we (SAFOB) aren’t in Germany and so no one can read letters.

Supporters And Friends Of Bruno Schillinger & Bruno Schillinger – Bachstr. 1 – 79232 March





to every human stands up for humanity!



  • MISSION FOR AID * SAVE LIFE OF DISABLED BRUNO * CRY for Aid & Shelter and asylum by humanitarian, politician, INTERNATIONAL LAW reasons
  • Claim foR OUR Human Rights Everyone’s right to life shall be protected by law – No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

Dear Ladies, Dear Sirs

we ask you to rescue, shelter the health and life of Bruno. Stand to humanity! Thank you!

We ask for aid and asylum on humanitarian, political and international legal reasons for Mr. Bruno Schillinger. Or a temporary residence permit to get medical treatment (kidney, eye, skin, backbone, diabetic, etc.). Temporary sound a bit strange, than doctor said in February 2013: ‘your ship is sailed in five years, finally‘.


1. Bruno stand for humanity in daily life!

2. Bruno proofed that authorities caused all misdeeds, crimes with the reports of these authorities

3. Bruno wants to investigate the unexplained death of his father and the entanglements of a CDU politician. The politician let Bruno’s father completely lonely die – did not inform the family – said the doctors ‘family does not want to come‘ – took the savings (cash) from the account of the dying, since the € 33,000 disappeared – let the dead burn up, buried anonymously against Bruno’s will and thereby cheated with full powers (after 3 years his son-in-law showed the proper powers), no investigation again. His party friends protected him. Authorities, politicians do everything to annihilate Bruno.

This was the beginning of Bruno’s way to death and the evidence that human rights are completely worthless in Germany and the nasty Nazi methods come up again.

Some examples: Illegal imprisonment, abduction/carryover, suspension/exposure without water, food, medicine…. in order of this CDU politician NO investigation * Legalize crimes by blackmail: ‘diabetes medicine if you accept incapacitation‘ and if you accept your disenfranchisement, you could get food. NO investigation * All in order of politicians & authorities – methods like in Nazi era.

We ask for aid, shelter, life on humanitarian reasons!

  • Public authorities refuse food, medication and treatment (diabetes, heart, radiation, spine, kidney, teeth, eye, skin, diabetic feet (amputate legs feared), backbone, etc.), follow order by government
  • Cause skin burn, huge pain and cancer by refusing medical DAYlight protection (allows maximally 30 minutes DAYlight) – Bruno is incarcerated in a small darkened room (closed shutters)
  • Bruno can’t read due eye problems since Aug. 2009 (caused by public authority), did not get any aid (not even reading loud machine), fear blindness and has not enough food, medicine.
  • The government refuse own constitution and human rights and UN CRPD (federal law)

Mr Christian Schroff – office link* – head of local authority for people with disabilities (so expert for disabled law and executing murderer (= every person which refuse human food, diabetic treatment,….) refuse all human rights e.g. he refuse right of life –refuse access to justice,…. torturing human like the nasty Krauts in III. Reich! Torture Bruno by refusal food, diabetic & medical treatment, counselling. He knew exactly the bad situation of Bruno and the need of food, aid. He is waiting for the dead of Bruno, starves him, so he is murdering like nasty Krauts. He is completely full of inhumanity, criminally, brutality, is nasty and wants to cover up his crimes against human rights and humanity.

The other executing murderer are Mrs Kathrin Celmeta, Mrs Diana Retzer (jobcentre) and Mr Guenter Menzemer (state council, fully qualified lawyer/jurist). He sounded ‘if you have no food, send anyone to beg‘ or refuse of food and diabetic treatment by authorities is neither attempt murder nor other crime – so he legalized euthanasia and government, parliament confirmed this crime. The heads of office  e.g. Mrs Dagmar Manser, Mrs Dorothea Stoer-Ritter, Mrs Baerbel Schaefer, command this crime against humanity Political commanding murderer: prime minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg Mr Winfried Kretschmann GREEN, ministers for work & social Mrs. Katrin Altpeter SPD, interior Mr Reinhold Gall SPD, justice Mr Rainer Stickelberger SPD and complete parliament. Besides Mrs Manser refused face to face e.g. food, diabetic medicine and any information, send Bruno to death. We offered again and again meeting, mediation, “all the facts on the table” to clear the air – all ignored by the authorities and politicians – motto ‘don’t disturb us, be quiet and die asap‘. Question to everyone: Is their any other benefit of refusal of food, diabetes medications, except social racism, murder, euthanasia?

We ask for aid, shelter, life on political reasons!

Bruno Schillinger is fighting for truth, justice and human rights. His father had to die lonely, because a Christian politician did not inform family about the stay in hospital and weeks of agony, said doctors ‘family has no interest‘ and had time to take all saving in cash (€ 33.000,-).This politician is protected by all his colleagues and officers and government. No investigation for this dubious death, nor deeds in his public authority nor due the illegal arrest, carryover and exposing in his order.

All political parties refuse their own fundamental party constitution and human rights.

Sometimes we got hint ‘go to this public authority‘ – we did, wrote all again and again. Sometimes, but seldom, the person contacted the other authorities, and was lied or after month ‘I can’t do anything‘. Besides there is a complete system of highly paid staff with impressing title e.g. Federal Disability Officer or Ombudsman. All have in common, they will not start investigation, give aid, grant human rights. They even can knock on door and beg for information. But this is a secret. It looks for citizen that he is wrong and his claim is not right – but a Disability Officer or Ombudsman can’t claim for any information or can’t order anything. This is completely unknown and secret. They only count bodies.

The mistreatment of Bruno Schillinger started among the government of CDU and FDP. Therefore, it would have been easy start investigation, when government changed. But the new government (SPD, GREEN) did nothing and continued this crimes. Disabled are worthless, without rights, no humans!

Some threatened, or were due to insult because they had called for the observance of human rights or ran away “not my constituency” with – ignoring that human rights apply everywhere and always. They accept and legalize that their public offices slaughter disabled and so euthanasia is back. Same methods like in nasty III. Reich

  • ….. Prime Minister and his government breaking their oath of office, are perjurer, have no honour!
  • …..The government refuse own constitution and human rights and UN CRPD (federal law)

Summary: Bruno is political refugee to hush up misdeeds, crimes of politicians, government, …..

We ask for aid, shelter, life on international law reasons!

  • The government …….
  • ..… legalize euthanasia ‘denial of food, diabetic treatment is no murder or other crime‘ – accepted, ordered by state government and parliament
  • …… refuse access to justice, fair court proceedings incl. assigning a lawyer – so Bruno has no one which can read loud or write anything (not even information to reading loud machine)
  • ….. refuse own constitution and human rights and UN CRPD (federal law)
  • ..… refuse any offered clarifying meetings – not even a phone back to confirm claim,……

Federal and state attorney ignore complaints for human rights, refuse so ‘access to justice‘ (Art 13) and human rights. * Courts refuse assigning a lawyer and answer. * there is a long list e.g. denial of human rights, discrimination, murdering……..

This is our question to all involved person and had the MP asked government with this three lines, all was clarified in three weeks (statutory deadline for government to answer question from MP):

Have youMrs/Mr xxxxx, your involved, informed colleagues, supervisors, agencies, ministries, etc. acted at Mr. Bruno Schillinger; Bachstrasse 1, 79232 March, Germany according to social laws, state constitution of Baden-Wuerttemberg, German constitution, HUMAN RIGHTS, UN Disability Convention (Federal Law) – Yes or No?

and NO one answered! Certainly all will say ‘all is legal‘ – we remember ‘Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal‘ – and all German learned this in primary school!

More reasons? More information? Speak to Bruno! You do not believe that Germany denied human rights and people are being abused, tortured? All is documented on the internet for years including the names of the offender and nobody of them protested against.



Help to save health and life of Bruno, please.
All is helpful, from care package, direct support, …..

or pass this cry for life to politician, authority, government and request assistance

(send us a copy),

or pass to aid, humanitarian, charity organisation

thank you!

‘I hope that the country of which I have the pass, became constitutionally and democratically’ – Gustl Mollath, another victim of Bavarian justice, authorities, politicians to cover-up banking business with illegal money

We looking for a lawyer to claim all the costs for aid, support from Germany, so that the new homeland has no damage.

This document was send to government, authorities & murderer of Bruno – weeks before publishing!

Please only phone/call 0049(0)7665-930450 with Bruno Schillinger. Because he can’t read itself at present by the ill-treatment by ARGE / District Office / Social Court and we are not on site! The authorities denied any assistance, no reading loud machine, or any counselling!

Yours sincerely                                                      I thank for your advice, shelter, aid and my life

Supporters And Friends Of Bruno Schillinger* and Bruno Schillinger (human being)

Contact with Bruno Schillinger? Use phone please. Because he can not read at present by the abuses of the ARGE/social security office itself and we are not on site. He lives alone in a single-room flat – has to lie flat, due to chronic neck and leg pain, avoid daylight because skin disease, no painkillers because kidney damage – we have organized a phone support to check signs of life, but we (SAFOB) aren’t in Germany and so no one can read letters.

CDU = Christian Democratic Union

SPD = Socialists Party of Germany



Murderer = every person which refuse humans food, diabetic treatment

Criminal against human rights = every person which refuse human rights

Office Link Mr. Christian Schroff


Human Rights Dungeon http frame


Contact details of prime minister of state of Baden-Wuerttemberg/Germany


Prime minister



did not stop this crime against humanity!

he did not answer, So he ordereD mistreatment of disabled! he starves disabled people!

PICTURE © by ministry of state by link * * Landtagsbüro GRÜNE fax 0049(0)711–2063-660 /-299 *


MP guide



ministry of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg

prime minister / Ministerpraesident

Winfried Kretschmann GREEN Party

Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg

Richard-Wagner-Str. 15

70184 Stuttgart/GERMANY

phl.: 0049(0)711 – 2153-0 switchboard

fax: 0049(0)711 – 2153-340 switchboard

fax 0049(0)711 – 2153 – 221 or 501 personal office

fax: 0049(0)711 – 2153-480 government speaker

home office

Litschenberg 4

72488 Sigmaringen-Laiz/GERMANY

Office in state parliament

prime minister Winfried Kretschmann, MdL

Haus der Abgeordneten

Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 12

70173 Stuttgart/GERMANY

ph.: 0049(0)711 – 2063-642

fax: 0049(0)711 – 2063-660 (electoral office)


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