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page in development (Oct. 9th. 2012)

1st AID NOW(food, medical treatment – daylight protection, radiation, pain treatment,…..) 2nd ESCAPE TO SAVE COUNTRY (preferred Great Britain, research centre for skin disease, doctor in Glasgow, hospital Inbhir nis) 3rd REHABILITATION and NEW LIFE – than work for other people


Bruno is still alive – through the German torture (Job Centre/Social Services/Social Court), the kidneys are damaged, and his death is unavoidable. 





We will add the official aid sheet asap 


We need medicine, drugs, from – diabetes test strips (for ACCU-CHEK by AVIVA), lancing, disinfection, daylight protection (just one brand possible), additional drugs (e.g. for breathing, lactose intolerance), food (relive the kidneys) – their is a chemist’s shop next village, money for attending doctors including radiation therapy** for skin (3 times weekly – officials stopped in 2009 and ignore all) – as loan, we have claimed at Jobcenter/ARGE/Social office and expect they will pay ist, if they accept Federal Court (we learned, they don’t accept anything) –

If you want to support drugs, medicine, diabetic support we send you data of a pharmacy which than delivers monthly ‘fresh‘ products.

(old pic better days)

* contact with officials/politicians needed

information needed (incl. adress data,…… – we offer a list (xls) of members of European Parliament – email data and sortable by name, surname, country – did not include postal adreess, phone, fax, not yet)

Witnesses wanted: We are looking for witnesses to the information of the authorities, politicians want to confirm and document in court. At the moment, say Job Center / Social Services always ‘Mr. Schillinger gets something’, and to propose that they refuse to help complete as specified by the Federal Constitutional Court. Document the information, send us copies, etc. – we have already demonstrated that the Job Center has lied to the parliament – or the District Office of the supervisory authority.

When not fighting the good, the bad ones will prevail. Plato – We can stop this crime against humanity!

SURVEILANCE NEEDED – if German officials try any illegal action against Bruno, like arrest, deportation, suspension without water, food, diabetes drugs, no money, no cell phone – he had 12 km to go home, had severe skin burns, was dehydrated.To date, these illegal arrests on behalf of a politician has not been elucidated. Besides, on (soory in German) will you find a list of 6 (six) of the 621 members of German Bundestag, which have claimed responsibility for HUMAN RIGHTS and German basic law (all other; no answer)

lawyer – if you know an engaged lawyer, working for human rights on European Court of Human Rights, send information please. We found two lawyers in germany – first Feb. 2011 (SoVD) did nothing until August 2011 – next in facebook as ‘Hartz IV Anwalt’ advertising: throughout Germany, did 2 months nothing and said ‘Freiburg is to far – certainly we discused this subject befory give him mandantory. The Federal Bar Association has been informed repeatedly called but never returned.

Donations – We are looking for supporters (NGO) which can take over the organization and want. Everything must be done public. GOOD NEWS – it seems that a NGO will help organize a charity mission. Sep 20th 2012 – more asap

Contact with Bruno Schillinger? Use phone please. Because he can not read at present by the abuses of the ARGE/social security office itself and we are not on site. He lives alone in a single-room flat – has to lie flat, due to chronic neck and leg pain, avoid daylight because skin disease, no painkillers because kidney damage – we have organized a phone support to check signs of life, but we (SAFOB) aren’t in Germany and so no one can read* letters.

Bruno Schillinger (SAFOB)

street: Bachstrasse 1

zip: 79232

village: March

country: Germany

ph. +49 (0)7665 – 930450 – we try found an used  answering machine (installed answering machine is not reliable) please, check time before calling, thank you

mail (sorry, we have less time (own family, work, policical and social activities) and can’t answer quickly – first we support Bruno (and writing letters to politicians is hard work) – help as volunteer? subject VOLUNTEER and if you need own support/have same problems – subject: NEED SUPPORT/IN TROUBLE

* Certainly we have asked for a reading machine for disabled – a supporter – at court: Appointment of an attorney – and simply medical treatment that he could read in 6 month again – IGNORED! The only answer was trying incapacitation that the person, ordered and payed by official, could stop all investigation and can sign that Bruno disappearing. With incapacitation, Bruno has no rights – this is same method like in Germany until 1945 and 1989 (GDR) and dictatorships and terrorist governments.

** radiation therapy for skin – there is no cure, but we should do what doctor is recommending. We found an university in UK where they have good results and German health insurance did give some support for partner university but did not pay the drugs/application and officicials IGNORE ALL – With daylight protection Bruno may suspend 30 minutes of daylight (maximum) – but he could open the shutters.

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